Letter E to H

Discover Welsh girls name starting with the letters E to H.

In this list you’ll discover the beautiful girl’s names including Eira, Elan, Fflur, Ffion and Gwen.

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Name Description Popularity
Ebrill The Welsh word for April *
Efa Welsh spelling of the name Eva **
Eiddwen After a lake in West Wales *
Eilian The name of a Welsh saint *
Eiluned Variant on Eilun *
Eilwen From ail (like) and wen (fair/beauty) **
Eira From the Welsh word eira for snow **
Eirian Means splendid in Welsh *
Eiriana From the name Eirian *
Eirianedd Variation of the name Eirian *
Eirianwen Derived from the words eirian, and gwen *
Eiriol Means snowy in Welsh *

Eirlys Means snowdrop *
Eirwen This name means white snow *
Elan Daughter of Celtic goddess Do^n **
Elain Welsh word for ‘a fawn’ **
Elen The Welsh form of Helen **
Elena The Welsh form of Helen *
Elenydd Welsh form of Lynette *
Eleri Daughter of Brychan 5th century king ****
Elin Welsh form of Helen or Elen ***
Elinor Welsh spelling of Eleanor **
Elliw From the stories of King Arthur *
Enid From the old Welsh word ‘eneit’, meaning “purity” *
Eluned Welsh form of Lynette **
Enfys The Welsh word enfus meaning rainbow *
Erin This Welsh name has Irish links *
Eryn Variation of the name Erin *
Eurwen TFrom the words for Gold and White *
Fanw Pet form of the name Myfanwy **
Erin The old Welsh word for Ireland *
Ffion Welsh name foxglove *****
Fflur Found in the place name Ystrad Fflur ***
Ffraid From the Saint Ffraid *
Fioled Mean violet in Welsh *
Gaenor Welsh form of Gaynor **
Garwen A mistress of King Arthur **
Gaynor Variation of Gaenor **
Glain Means jewel in Welsh *
Gladys Means ‘bears the meaning of royalty’ *
Glenda The Welsh words for ‘pure good’ ***
Glenys Welsh word Gl^an meaning pure ***
Glesni From Welsh word glas meaning blue ***
Glynis Variant of Glenys **
Goewyn From the Mabinogion *
Grug Means heather in Welsh *
Gwawr The Welsh word for ‘dawn’ *
Gwen Means fair in Welsh ***
Gwenant Means fair stream *
Gwenda Means fair (or white) and good *
Gwendolen King Arthur’s wife – Welsh for white ring **
Gwendoline Variant of Gwendolen *
Gwendolyn Variant of Gwendolen *
Gweneth Variant of Gwyneth *
Gwyneth Variant of the name Gwynedd **
Gwenfrewy A Welsh saint associated with Holywell *
Gwenith From gwenith the Welsh word for ‘wheat’ *
Gwenllian Derived from Gwen (white, holy) and Lliant (flood, flow) ***
Gwennan Daughter of Brychan *
Gwenyth Different spelling of the girl’s name Gwenith *
Gwlithen Means dewdrop *
Gwylan Means seagull *
Gwyn The Welsh word Gwyn meaning (white, pure, fair). ****
Gwynedd After the county in North Wales **
Gwynn Variant of Gwyn *
Haf Welsh word for summer **
Hafren Welsh name for the Severn *

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