Information on the Name Gwendolyn and Its variations

The name Gwendolyn is the English variation of the Welsh name Gwendolen. The Welsh meaning is “fair browed.” The meaning of Gwendolyn came about from combining gwyn and dolen.

Gwyn means white, fair or blessed. Dolen means brows or eyebrows. The Welsh meaning of Gwendolyn has also been said to mean “white ring.”


As of 2017 the popularity of Gwendolyn had not taken off, as a name for babies in Wales. With it not among the top 100 baby girls names that year for newborns in Wales, it provides a unique name choice. Although it is not a widely used name, that does not mean that the name is not synonymous with popular people.

Famous People with the Name

Notable Gwendolyns include notable Soprano Gwendolyn Bradley, poet Gwendolyn Brooks and singer and composer Gwendolyn Sanford.

Similar Names

Similar names include Gwen, Gwendolen, Guinevere, Gwyneth and Genevieve. The Gwendolen variation of Gwendolyn has been seen in literature, serving as a principle character name in George Elliot’s Daniel Deronda. Gwendolyn was also the wife of Merlin, as recounted in Arhurian legend.

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