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Choosing a Welsh names for girls –  Exciting time for Mother and Baby

We hope our Welsh Names for Girls page will help you choose a name for your baby.You can us our interactive name selector (below) to help you select different combinations of Welsh girls names with your surname.

However, if your looking for the meaning of the Welsh names for girls click here for our comprehensive list. If you’re looking for Welsh boys names as well these can be found on our partner site www.welshboysnames.co.uk.

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Interactive Welsh Names for Girls Name Selector

This interactive tool contains a list of Welsh girls names. Just select the first name from the drop-down list, select a second name (if required) and enter the baby’s surname. Press the ‘Save My Name’ button. You can try different combinations of names to see what names you prefer and therefore you’ll be in a great position to start creating your own short list of Welsh girl’s names.

Use our Welsh girl names selector to try different combinations of names to see what combination of names you like the best.

First Name:
Second Name:
Last name:


Suggestions Choosing a Name:

  • See our page on tips for choosing a girls name
  • Take you time when choosing a name for your baby and talk though the different combination of names with you partner.
  • If you need some inspiration choosing a name try our Welsh Baby Girl Name generator.
  • Click on the social links on the bottom of this page and paste you names so your friends and family can see what names they like.

For information on Welsh mythology the source of many welsh names see the Wikipedia page. We hope our Welsh Names for Girls page helped you choose a name. If you want to share your special Welsh name with others post them below.

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5 thoughts on “Welsh Names For Girls – Name Chooser

  1. Dear administrators of welshbabynames.co.uk.
    I very much enjoyed browsing through your list of names, yet I was surprised to see you’d missed some very important names, such as Tanwen.

  2. i noticed u did not put tirion in welsh names it means loveing and gentle got from welsh name book my youngest daughter name

  3. Lovely list, though I didn’t spot my name, Heddwen. It means White/Blessed Peace and is the female variation of Hedd Wyn (which is the name taken by a famous Welsh poet from WWI who won the bard’s chair in 1917)

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