Name Erin

The Girl’s Name Erin

Erin is a popular Welsh girl’s name. On this page you will discover the meaning of the name, how popular the name is in Wales, how to pronounce the name and which famous celebrities have the name Erin.

The Meaning of the Name Erin

Erin is the old Welsh name for Ireland.

The Popularity of Erin

Erin is the 26th most popular choice for a baby’s name in Wales in 2011 and it was the 4th most popular Welsh originating name in Wales in 2011 after Ffion.

How to Pronounce Erin

Erin is pronounced as ‘Air-in’ in English

Famous People with the name Erin

Erin is a popular name, here’s a list of a few famous people with the name Erin:

  • Erin Richards – is a Welsh actress who stars in the series being human.
  • Erin Andrews – is an American journalist and television personality
  • Erin Brockovich – a legal clerk who a film was made about starring Julia Roberts
  • Erin Cummings – An American actress who starred in Star Trek


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