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As you can guess from the name of this website Welsh Girls Names we have one aim and that is to provide you with information about Welsh girls’ names. Can’t wait? jump to the list of names.

As you probably know (and if you don’t you soon will do), Welsh girls names are very pretty and are normally descriptive. These days you can meet people with Welsh names from all over the world.

There are 3 main reasons why people search for the term Welsh girls names:

  1. You have a Welsh name and you want to find out more about it
  2. You are interested in the Welsh language and culture
  3. You’re pregnant and looking for possible baby names. Congratulations on the great news, and yes you have come to the right place. We have lots of information to help you with your forthcoming arrival, especially our Essential Baby Checklist ensuring that you are prepared for your new arrival.

Here’s our Welsh Girl’s Names and their Meanings

There are hundreds of Welsh names and some are more common than others. Our list below includes the most popular girls’ names used today in Wales. If you are looking for Welsh Boys Names? Then see our partner website www.welshboysnames.co.uk.

Name Description Popularity
Aelwen Means ‘fair browed’ in Welsh **
Aerona Female version of Aeron *
Aeronwen Derived from the name Aeron with the Gwen ending meaning fair *
Alaw Name of a river in Anglesey and it also means water lily in Welsh **
Aeres Welsh name for ‘Heiress’ *
Alis From the German girl’s name Adalheidis *
Alwen River in Clwyd. ***
Alwena Variant of Alwen *
Anna Sister of King Arthur ****
Aneira Based on Welsh word for snow *
Angharad From the Welsh word for love Caru and in the Mabinogion ***
Annest Daughter of Gruffdd ap Cynan, King of Gwynedd *
Anest Variation of the in the spelling of Annest *
Anwen Meaning very fair or blessed **
Anwyn Variant of Anwen *
Arianwen From the Welsh words silver and white/pure **
Arwen Female version of Arwyn *
Aures Name originating from Aur meaning gold *

Beca Short form of Rebecca. ‘Merched Beca’ from the Rebecca riots ****
Begw Shortened form of Megan ***
Bethan Daughter of Brychan 5th century king *****
Betrys Welsh version of Beatrice *
Beti Welsh version of Betty **
Betsan Short form of Elisabeth **
Blodeuwedd From the Mabinogion *
Blodwen Meaning ‘white flower’ **
Blodwyn Meaning ‘white flower’ **
Braith Means freckled *
Brangwen Meaning ‘fair raven’ *
Branwen Sister of Br^an from the Mabinogion *
Brenda Derived from Irish saint, Brendan *
Bronwen Means white or pure breasted ***
Bronwyn Means white or pure breasted *
Buddug Welsh version of the name Boudicca *
Cadi Variant of Catrin **
Cari Diminutive form of Ceridwen *
Caron From the Welsh word caru to love *
Cati Variant of Catrin *
Callwen Daughter of Brychan 5th a century king *
Carwen Means in Welsh white/blessed love *
Caryl From c^ar which means love ***
Carys From c^ar which means love **
Catrin Welsh form of Catherine ***
Ceinwen From the Welsh words ‘Lovely and fair’ **
Ceri From the Welsh word for love Caru ***
Cerian A variant of Ceri *
Ceridwen A figure from the Welsh manuscript Taliesin – and it means blessed song *
Cerys From the Welsh word for love Caru *****
Clwyd As in the place in North Wales *
Ceirios Welsh name for Cherry *
Cothi A river in Carmarthenshire *
Cranogwen A female name linked to the place Llangrannog *
Cristyn Welsh version of Christine *
Dafina The Welsh spelling of the name Davina *
Delwen Female version of Delwyn *
Delyth Derived from the Welsh word for Pretty ***
Deryn Means bird in Welsh **
Dilys From the Welsh  word for perfect **
Donna A Celtic goddess *
Dwynwen The Welsh patron saint of lovers *
Dwysil Welsh spelling of Dulcie *

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